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The Best Holiday Stuffing

With Thanksgiving just ending, and Christmas creeping up, I’m sure most of you are dreading that massive family dinner! All the work and time put in to creating that perfect holiday feast can truly be exhausting.. But the classic Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner simply must have stuffing! There are so many different kinds of stuffing, […]

Chicken Soup (Italian Style)

With the weather beginning to get cooler, this hot and flavourful soup will bring some serious nostalgia to the table for dinner with this Italian twist on an iconic classic; Chicken Noodle Soup. For as long as I can remember, chicken noodle has been the go to soup. Cold days, feeling sick, or just in […]

Blue Lagoon Margarita

This stunningly vibrant beverage is a simple twist on a classic summer favourite, lime margarita. Refreshing with a burst of citrus flavour, this drink is sure to quench your taste buds on a hot summer day! Very simple, but very delicious, the margarita is my go to summer drink. The versatility of this drink is […]

The Best Chicken Parm

If you are a pasta lover this chicken parm recipe will have your taste buds singing! This recipe stands out from any other because the key to delicious chicken parm is a crispy outside coating, while retaining the tenderness of the chicken inside. Like all chef’s say “flavour is king”so let’s not forget to add […]

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